Feb. 4th, 2010

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Sanity check: The stain I used on my taflmen wasn't as red as I wanted and I started to obsess over it because it wasn't "right" and... geez. This started because I wanted a tafl board that was more portable than the commercial board I saw. Just because "OMG someone is going to read my docs and score the work!" doesn't mean I have to jump through hoops unless I want to. I think I want to find better playing pieces, because 1" pieces on 1" squares is a tight fit. I'm not sure I will find better pieces, but I do want to.

Leather: Asked the Dear Spouse, "Do you think I'll make a turnshoe in the next three years?" Him: "Yes." So I went ahead and ordered $50 worth of awls, needles and thread from Tandy. Because I really couldn't justify $50 on a joke A&S entry, but I will probably make a few pairs of medieval shoes and/or other small leather goods. They have shipped, hurrah! (Yeah, Tandy is just up in B-more but I think it'll come by mail sooner than I'll have the chance to get up there.)

I think I will sew the item turnshoe-style (edge-to-flesh stitch) and try some different stuffings. Cloth mockups don't actually make sense, since cloth and leather are too different. If none of the stuffings work well, then I'll consider boiling it. I'll use some purchased inkle-woven garters as bands. Wait... then what'll I hold my socks up with? Hrmph.

Veils: The red wool is in the mail, hurrah! I am planning an oblong rectangular wool veil, based tentatively on some 7th century cleric's criticism of nuns. And I've started a rolled hem on a smaller silk half-round veil for fun/comparison/addition to my closet. You can see my learning curve on the hem... it's right where I said "To hell with 'make an 1/8" fold and then another 1/8" fold'" (as teh Internetz said to do) and started actually rolling the edge with my fingers. I may go back and redo the first 3-4" of the thing, we'll see. (I was smart enough not to start with the edge around my face, so it may not be too obvious.)

Latin love song: I listened to some actual chant and got my initial impression confirmed: the tune I came up with is much more 16th-17th century ballad than it is 8th century chant. This is happily fixed by elaborating the melodic structure a bit and paying attention to my isosyllables.

Saxon love song: Old clothes for new competitions; this piece is years old and good to go. I just need to tweak the documentation and decide whether or not I'm using a lyre, harp or nothing for the performance.

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