Feb. 5th, 2010

telerib: (sca)
It went pretty fast - it helped that the item is not large. Sort of. More on that in a bit. I learned that both flesh-to-edge and flesh-to-skin stitches would be appropriate, and since flesh-to-skin is a straight stab through the leather and flesh-to-edge is this fiddly curvy thing, I flattened out a diaper box and got stabby with a round awl. Whip stitched the inner seams, soaked the thing, turned it right-side out, stuffed it and Ta-Da! Then I sewed it to a flat base (backstitch, I think?) - dunno if that's traceable to shoemaking, but then you don't do something like that in shoemaking, I think.

So. When I measured out the circumference for the thing, I added a touch extra - seam allowance. Then when I cut it out, I added a touch more. You can't have too much seam allowance, right? You just trim it off... except when you're whipstitching over the edges of the 'fabric.' And the stitches were placed 1/8" - 1/6" from the edge... rather less than what I'd allowed. Because my brain was in default fabric mode.

It's, um... substantial. Not impossible, but... dang.

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