Feb. 26th, 2010

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I dropped off some shoes at the local leather shop (English riding to motorcycle to re-enactment... "if you can draw it, we can make it") for re-heeling and re-soling and went to pick them up yesterday. Hanging on a rack, waiting to be repaired, was a leather coat.

I coveted it immediately. Double-breasted, with frock coat-like ornaments at the collar and cuffs - also done in leather, to match the coat. Warm, brown leather. I promised the coat that if it had a cousin in something slightly larger than a size 6, I would hug it and love it and call it George.

The tag said "LAMB" (but showed a pirate ship?) and "Fall 2005." That sounded all fashiony and stuff, but the other tag said, "Made in China." So... designer knockoff?

To the Google Engine!

L.A.M.B. is singer Gwen Stefani's line of clothing (and the logo for 2005 was indeed a pirate ship). The only images from her 2005 collection I can find are of some over-priced tank tops on eBay. I am somewhat solaced by knowing that, even if I could find a cousin to that jacket on eBay or similar, it would not be my size - L.A.M.B. tops out at a 14.

Sigh. When I find the magic machine that gives me infinite time, I need to learn to really sew.
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I haven't actually made a "style board," which is (so I am told) a sort of grown-up craft project where you clip and save pictures of Things You Like to Look At. All kinds of things - nature things, clothes things, portraits, whatever. Then you're supposed to examine it to see what themes there are.

I have tried to pay attention to what floats my boat, sartorially. I have found two main influences:

Drapey Gossamer Goddess - the big, flowy, floaty scarfs and tops with hanging sleeves and palazzo pants, all very pre-Raphaelite. I like the smooth lines of the flowing fabric, but I'm also concerned that, at my height, it would be too easy for me to be mistaken for a walking fabric stash.

Retro Adventure Chic - I want knee high boots, khakis and a tailored white shirt! Jewelry that looks like it came from my latest adventure to Far Off Places, Marion's hat from the finale of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," a frock coat, a brass pocketwatch and did I mention the boots? My main worry here is coming in to work looking more like a movie extra than an engineer. I have a hard time translating "costume" into "style."

What I actually wear is Worker Drone Casual: slacks and blouses or sweaters, sometimes a shell/sweater or shell/jacket combination. My suits are bog-standard off the rack at Macy's. (I had one in white and beige that played into my shirt-and-khakis image, but it got lost coming back from Hawaii. At least I have one in bright red - it's a skirt-suit, which isn't my preference, but I love the color.)

Every so often now, I'm picking up pieces that fit into one or the other style, though - a drapey wrap for when the office is cold, or the pinstriped vest that got a good bit of comment. And of course, I've got my Luchesse boots back, hurrah!

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