Mar. 2nd, 2010

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Where spooks and kooks come to play!

When your Black Ops, X-Files, Area 51 or other super-secret and possibly paranormal operatives need some fun in the sun, but can't be exposed to the outside world, send them to lovely Birdwell Island. Sandy New England beaches, delicious fish fries and quaint island charm all await.

Most of the islanders themselves have ties to covert ops, and the island has more than a few retirees from the shadow government. Violet "Pussycat" Bleakman, known in her 1960s heyday as a leather-jumpsuited CIA super-spy, is just one of the famous faces at Birdwell.

Be sure to stop by the Birdwell Veterinary Clinic, headed up by Dr. Dihn. Despite its unassuming appearance, the Veterinary Clinic is home to Birdwell's biggest research project, the Canine Uplift Effort. CUE has won plaudits for its ability to integrate its test subjects successfully into daily life on Birdwell - you can assume most dogs that you meet on the island have approximately the intelligence and social skills of a seven-year old child.

Project Clifford is separate from CUE, although the infamous Big Red Dog also shows signs of advanced cognition. Exercise caution if you spot Clifford in the area. Although the Big Red Dog is uniformly friendly and attempts to be gentle, it is a two-story tall dog. When it is excited or clumsy, keeping your distance is the best way to prevent unintentional tragedy.

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