Mar. 5th, 2010

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Must remind myself...

The Persona Pentathlon is tomorrow. The deficiencies in my entries loom larger in my mind than their virtues because, as a perfectionist, I still feel like I should have fixed them.

It's okay that the tafl board uses wooden craft knobs.
It's okay that the music isn't in perfect period style.
It's okay that it's a capella.
It's okay that the veil isn't hand-stitched.
It's okay that the woven band is only faux-brocaded instead of really brocaded.
It's okay that the pins are not 100% authentic.
It's okay that not everything is absolutely authenticable to precisely the ninth century.

It is okay. It really is. It will even be okay after I get back the judging forms telling me that I need to fix all of the above, even though it will make me feel like I need to go to all the judges and say, "I knew that!" because heaven forbid anyone think that I'm not clever.

The embroidery on the tafl board is really striking.
The pieces looks rather elegant.
I actually hope to play a game with it soon.
I'm growing my Anglo-Saxon bardic repertoire.
The songs sound good.
They probably ought to be a capella, even if harp/lyre would look/sound cool.
The veil looks so much more appropriate than my current 12th century Norman one.
The veil is red. Awesome!
I did my first leatherworking project - will shoes be next? I hope so!

Interminable embroidering of black lines aside, I had a lot of fun working on the projects and I learned a good bit. The rest is gravy.
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New reconstruction of the 'Arnegunde' grave outfit.

I have been trying to figure out early period nursing garb and... oy. I figure nursing slits, but how do you layer them on the under and over-tunic so that nothing gapes or shows through? Well, if your over-tunic is open down the front, Frankish/Kentish style, there's half the problem solved! Discreet side vents on the undertunic and you're in business. And the outfit just looks awesome, anyhow.

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