Mar. 7th, 2010

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But I did make the top half (by 6.5 points!) and if there had been a People's Choice Award, I think I would have swept it. All day folks were coming up, looking at me curiously or dubiously and saying, "I was told to look in The Box." Most of them also read the documentation. It was a source of much amusement and merriment. ("And look! Balls!" one lady giggled, pointing to my rejected taflmen. After a pause, she added, "We're all just thirteen-year old boys.") There are many worse things to be than amused and merry all day.

There were a ludicrous number of awesome and amazing things to see. Props to fellow Storviki Tirzah MacCrudden, her gorgeous gown and adorable perfect game hens, and to Highland Foorde's Swannoc Beag, who had a display of hunt-related items. Did you know that they used ferrets to hunt rabbits? There was a lady with a warp-weighted loom - I finally understand how they change the shed on those now - and I madly coveted a pair of red leather shoes and some classy, understated pilgrims' bags.

I mostly avoided buying textile items for "some project, some day," but succumbed to the lure of silk embroidery floss in dark purple, maroon and deep blue.

All in all, an excellent time was had.

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