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Maura Kelly is a paid writer.

Who is Maura Kelly? you might ask. She's a blogger for Marie Claire's online site. What's Marie Claire? It's something like Glamour or Cosmopolitan magazine.

She came across the radar because of the above-linked "fat people are disgusting" post. It's bad. It' so bad, I've read comments from many who thought it was satire at first, because it's just that over the top. Fat people walking across a room is aesthetically displeasing; apparently fat people should go hide from sight until defatted. (Which obvs isn't happening because they're too dumb to know about eating right and exercising, but Maura will helpfully tell us about it!) But she's not a hater; she has plump friends.

Yes. For real. Unironically.

In horrified fascination, I read a few of her columns. Granted, not all. Three, perhaps four. They seemed to follow a pattern: "Here is something I read about somewhere! I really don't know anything about this, though. But I'm going to tell you all about my uninformed opinion anyway!"

The writing is just bad. It's not funny. It's not engaging. It's not interesting. It would be right at home as an advice column in a high school newspaper, perhaps, where one expects to see uninformed opinions passed around authoritatively.

I'm baffled that Marie Claire apparently pays for this. Of all the struggling authors out there, this is honestly the best that they could find?
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