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Long time, no post and all of that. Work, parent, write; work, parent, write.

Slowly starting to edge back to SCA stuff again, starting with some garb research. Poking around Gale Owen-Crocker's Dress in Anglo-Saxon England, I saw her mention that it's thought the decorated bands and patterned fabric visible on some 7th-9th century illuminations were silks (as opposed to embroidery or the illuminator having fun with decorations).

So I start kicking around the idea of a gown with decorated silk bands at the wrists and hem, possibly down the front (although that's more Frankish than Saxon). And I find pretty quick that the best source for modest amounts of highly decorated silk is sari shops. And pretty quickly after that, I have a dozen bookmarks of various saris decorated in about the right ways to be cut up into trim.

Then I wonder, hey, is this what Pintrest is for?

I hop over there and try and look at a few pinboards; none of the pictures want to load. And there's all the copyright infringement I suspect slapping up other people's images entails.

Anybody out there use Pintrest? What for? What do you like and dislike about it, and would you recommend it as a way to quickly organize Internet-based research?
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