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My typical breakfast is cottage cheese and pineapple. I need the protein in the morning and it's tasty. I have recently discovered that Bloom's full-fat cottage cheese is OMG the YUM. All good.

I forgot to bring a Tupperware for the can of pineapple today. Typically, I eat breakfast at my desk (since I get in at 0630) and I store cottage cheese and pineapple in the fridge here. Well, I'm not going to leave an open can of pineapple in there. So what should I do?

Clearly, eat the whole can.

Usually, a can of pineapple tidbits gets me through four or five 8-oz servings of cottage cheese. I had already decided that, since I was uncommonly hungry, I was going to eat the whole 16-oz container of cheese. (Farmers got nothing on nursing mothers when it comes to breakfast, let me tell you.) So I had about twice as much pineapple as I needed for the job.

Now, I really like pineapple. But I also really like this cottage cheese. And I was about 2/3 of the way done when I thought, "Why am I putting on more pineapple than I really want to eat?"

Answer: Must not waste pineapple!

Seriously? Because it's so important that I not waste the $0.40 that half the can cost?

Pineapple sweet and yummy! Must eat all pineapple!

But I don't want this much pineapple right now. I want to taste the cheese. And there are three more cans of pineapple at home, should the craving suddenly arise.

And I put the can aside.

It's progress - a few years ago, I wouldn't have stopped to think how foolish it was.
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Werther's Original Chewy Caramels. Blows the Kraft cubes away.
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1. Blackberry pie is made.

2. Someone Else will cook the turkey breast.

3. Someone Else will scrub and cut up the potatoes. I will boil and mash them. (The belly makes it hard to get close to the sink and counter to scrub and chop.)

4. Stuffing out of a bag, augmented with fresh onions and celery, probably Dear Spouse preparing it.

5. Nana will make squash, possibly tonight.

6. Gravy out of jars.

7. Peas in a steamer bag optional.

I am totally okay with this. My Big Thing is the pie, honestly. The only other thing that could say "Thansgiving" louder is grandpa's homemade sage stuffing, and dear grandpa isn't around anymore to make it (and I haven't hit upon the right trick to making it yet). I am just psyched about having a low-stress, pleasant family meal in my own home.

Flan Cake

Nov. 14th, 2009 09:25 am
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Out in the Internet wilds, I found a recipe for Flan Cake. I love flan, I like cake. This sounded awesome.

It's pretty dang good. I'll admit, I was expecting a sort of cake-made-with-pudding effect, a dense, very moist and sticky caramel cake: a cake sort of infused with the nature of flan.

No, it's yellow cake. With flan on top. Which is still pretty cool, but not what I was hoping for.

It is definitely better after a night in the fridge. Mine came out with the cake a bit dry - I may have overbaked. Also, I am not convinced that Hersey's Caramel Topping should really be used for flan caramel. Another recipe called for a "can of cajeta" which is allegedly available a las bodegas latinas; I'd like to try that, or else boil up a can of evaporated condensed milk until it caramelizes.
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Today, the church RE families get to meet with the minister who's our candidate for the church's next minister. It's a potluck. My repertoire of side dishes is limited, but I'm an OK baker.

Blackberries were on sale, $1 for 6 oz. Blackberry pie is a family tradition! And even if I usually use a store-bought bottom crust, I always make a butter top-crust that is pretty good.

I use a basic recipe from Betty Crocker: berries, a little sugar, a little flour. But I couldn't remember how many berries, so I Googled 'blackberry pie' to get a rough cut. (4-5 c.) But I also encountered a recipe for blackberry-sour cream pie.

That sounded really good. "I'll make that!" I thought, because of course making a recipe you've never tried before is a great idea for a potluck.

I imagined the sour cream part would be very drippy and work its way all around the berries. No. It was 1.25 c sugar, 1 c. flour, 1 c. sour cream. Very thick. It appears to be sitting on top of the berries and getting attractively browned. I'm glad I smoothed it over with a spatula, just in case it didn't ooze like I thought it would.

Well, it's a giant pile of sweet blackberries* with some sweetened dairy on top. It can't be awful, so I'm not going to worry too much. Hopefully it will be actually good and I'll have a new recipe in the file.

*As a kid, I frequently ate frozen wild blackberries that my grandfather picked for us (and then froze). Blackberries, milk and a little sugar was breakfast when we didn't have "eggs, just the way you like them."** They were tiny and mostly very flavorful and sweet. The fresh ones in the store, I've found, are too big and watery, no flavor at all. (The frozen ones are oddly often better.) But these ones on sale are actually great! They taste like blackberries. Must be that they're only good in season, and the season is this week. I've bought 18 containers of the things so far; six went into the pie and we've eaten four or so.

**Grandpa cooked fried eggs. That was how you liked them. Much like how you could have a Model T in any color, as long as it was black.
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Yesterday, I tried putting yogurt on my fruit salad as a dressing. It was too thick and (since it was plain yogurt) less sweet than I expected. Undaunted, I tried it again today, but with about a teaspoon (or so) of sugar and as much of milk to the blob (1/3 c?) of yogurt. It thinned out and was nicely sweet, and went very well with a salad of mixed greens, kiwi fruit, and blueberries.

I think with some cinnamon or other sweet spice in it, it would be awesome with strawberries, actually, or peaches.
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By happy chance, my "stopping at the Weis for cream to go with strawberries" became "stopping at Bloom's" and the cream went out the window when I caught a glimpse of mascarpone cheese sitting there.

I think I thought mascarpone was used in zaglibone (or however you spell that Italian runny custard) but it's not. It's mostly used in tiramisu and I had it, whipped, on the best French toast I've ever had in my life. But I had 16 oz of it and 2 lb of strawberries, so off I went.

16 oz mascarpone
1/4 c. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 lb strawberries.

Blend first three with spatula. Quarter strawberries. I used five martini glasses, and layered berries, cheese, berries, dollop of cheese, berry garnish.

Nummy! A leetle too thick/creamy/fatty mouth-feel for a light summer dish, IMO - maybe I should have whipped it a little?
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Winner of the [ profile] telerib Award for Best Cookie to Go with Coffee: Gingersnaps. Strong flavor stands up to coffee, bricklike texture softens well when dunked without falling apart, and a giant box is about $3.50. (Get the Nabisco; most of the cookies in the box are whole. Store brand offers a cheaper box of cookie fragments.)

Runners-up: Chocolate biscotti with hazelnuts, regular biscotti
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The first batch of ganache was so simple, I thought I'd make some more and try whipping it into truffles for Christmas presents. But something went Terribly Wrong! I got a whole batch of liquidy, gritty chocolate stuff. It made all right hot chocolate, but I really didn't need a full quart of hot chocolate base in the house, so we got rid of most of it.

Was the cuplrit:
- Discount chocolate chips? (I think not. They tasted OK.)
- Transfer from cooking pot to mixer bowl?
- Residual water in mixer bowl? (I thought I'd dried it thoroughly...)
- Too-rapid cooling?

I don't know. And I decided that, with the holidays rapidly approaching, I would not do it all over again to find out, and went with more traditional and reliable recipes instead. Maybe Valentine's Day...

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