Mar. 18th, 2010

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Ben turns four months old in a week and a half! He is rolling over and pushing up when he's on his stomach. He can try solids. Solids!

Where did the time go? The first four months with Spud seemed a lot longer. Maybe it was the NICU/breastfeeding drama and the spit-up problem and the first-time parenting drama. Moving might have been a factor - the pictures of Spud getting his first cereal are in our current house, but he was born while we were in the trailer. So that "break" seems to separate things in my mind. Maybe the extra month of maternity leave, and the relative quiet of a one-infant house, slowed things down.

When Spud was a baby, I remember all the advice about treasuring every moment because it's all gone so fast, but thinking that my actual lived experience was that each day could be very, very long. With Ben, the days seem much shorter and they're ticking past faster.

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I want to make some nursing garb. I've zeroed in on an open-fronted Kentish coat (in the style of this Frankish example) worn over a tunic with nursing slits. I think I can, working in small time units, complete a coat before the next event I'm attending (Highland Foorde Moose Collegium). But the tunic?

Hey! I have an old tunic that's starting to fray at the seams, and the neck is kind of lopsided, and I've been saying I should make a new one anyway. Rather than make a new undertunic with nursing slits, I could cut slits in this old one and then, later, make a new one without. So when I no longer need nursing garb, I'm not retiring a new item!

...okay, there's no reason I couldn't wear a nursing tunic while I wasn't nursing. It's not like anyone can see it under the coat or an overtunic. But this way I don't have to make two pieces of garb! And it gives me a stronger reason to finally making more undertunics later. (I've had the linen in my fabric box for... four or five years now?)

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